The retreat was filled with so many talented women.  During our festive evenings, we were entertained by their extraordinary gifts.  Anu joined us from India.  She is a beautiful woman with a strong and passionate heart. One evening, she treated us to another one of her talents – singing.  She sang an Indian folk song that was haunting and moving. She told a story from words we didn’t understand, but emotions that transcended language to a universal knowing.   I was instantly reminded of the incredible music from two of my favorite movies – The English Patient and The Gladiator.   Anu has the gift of storytelling in song and word.

The hidden talents and passions of another participant were also showcased.  We knew Rosemary was a gifted writer, but we discovered she was also a talented musician and singer.  One of Rosemary’s projects was learning a different musical instrument each month and writing about the experience.  July was the month of the flute.  She brought her flute and played pied piper in the Ebbio vineyards, the music lifted spirits of the listeners.  Her efforts sound grandiose, until you discover the reason for the experiment.  Rosemary lost her father earlier this year.  He was a musician.  Her musical experiment was her tribute to him and the significant role he played in her life.  One evening, Rosemary took to the piano and serenaded us with her talented vocals.  She mesmerized the room.  Tonight, we witnessed a legacy in action.