I am on my way to Italy.  All of my life, I’ve wanted to go to Italy.  I love the Renaissance – the master painters, writers, philosophers.  I love the food, the wine, the espresso.  I love the culture, the people, the language.  I love the beauty of the diverse countryside.  I love the romance of Italy and have always wanted to experience it for myself.  I’ve finally made it a priority to take the trip.  Interestingly, it was a perfect opportunity that showed up serendipitously and started an adventure defined by the word – serendipity.

Several months ago, I was on Facebook checking out the latest status reports of my friends.  My dear friend and amazing trainer, Bebet, posted a link to a writing retreat.  It was not just any writing retreat.  This was a writing immersion program that incorporated painting, yoga and organic eating in the Tuscan hills of Italy!  I read the entire website and loved what author and retreat founder Stephen Lloyd Weber created!  I’ve been completely drawn to writing, painting and yoga for months and this sounded like the perfect opportunity to develop these skills while meeting a lifelong dream of going to Italy.  After all, what better place to learn to write and paint than from the hallowed grounds of some the greats!  Michelangelo, da Vinci, Dante.

As it turned out, I had too much on my plate to complete the application process by the deadline.  In fact, I was busy moving to Napa.  I was incredibly disappointed, but I made a mental note to make this a goal for next year and I signed up for Stephen’s newsletters and updates.  A couple of months passed, and I got an e-mail from Stephen.  They had some openings for the Ebbio retreat and there was another opportunity to apply.   Ebbio is about an hour outside of Florence, Italy in the Tuscan hills.  I couldn’t believe it!  My schedule had cleared and I could actually make this time frame work for me.  I stayed up late that evening to complete the application and apply for this amazing opportunity.  I was so excited!  I regularly checked my e-mails to find out if I was accepted into the program.  I had never taken a writing class (outside of college requirements), let alone an intense program in a foreign country!  It was a glorious day when I received the e-mail from Stephen that I was accepted into the program.  A lifelong dream is coming to fruition as I simultaneously step into a determined pursuit of creative endeavors.

I will share the entire 2 week adventure with you in my blog.  Join me on the journey of adventure, of completion and fresh starts.

Tuscan Hills

This is my story…