It is the last day of the retreat.  Over the course of the week, we celebrated birthdays, received lessons in energy work, shared dreams, secrets and life experiences.  We forged lasting friendships. We played, we dreamed, we laughed and we learned. We grew in ways we anticipated and received some surprises along the way.  We neared the conclusion of the retreat with the excitement of new creation and possibilities sprinkled with a dash of sadness for the impending ending.

Tonight, everyone had the opportunity to share from the work we’d created over the course of the week.  In the twilight, we made our way to the clearing and noticed the silver of the olive leaves beckoning us for one last Ebbio expression.  Undaunted by the sheep making their way home, one by one, we stepped up to our tree stump podium and shared reflections of our soul with our new-found friends.

Marcia’s Moment

Anissa’s Power

Dina’s Heartfelt Share

Rosemary’s Art

Jeanne’s Wisdom

Amick’s Creativity

     Prema’s Passion

I decided to share a sample of my writing from the second marathon writing exercise:

I feel incredibly blessed at this moment.  I am sitting outside on a patio.  A wooden bench supports me while an enamel covered table bordered  with flowers, vines and butterflies gives me surface to write and lay out all of my colored pens, camera, books, water and green tea. The cicadas lay a steady beat in the foreground.  Water drains into what sounds like a hollow well to my left.


Some animal is screeching in the distant while the orange and white cat meows for attention. The sun is intense, but the shade is overly cool.  There’s another storm cloud brewing and it makes me very happy.

The brick wall that encircles the patio is covered with vines. Sitting atop the wall are planters filled with whimsical light pink flowers. An olive tree peaks over the top of the borders while a rooster crows.  It’s 11:40 a.m.  As I look up into the skies, I see the dissipating tail of a jet and I am reminded where it all began.

As a child, I would lie on the sloped lawn in the front of my house on the farm.  The grass was fresh and provided me with a comfortable cushion to reflect and dream.  I don’t know how old I was – very young. As I lay on my back, chewing on the soft, sweet stem of a freshly pulled blade of grass, I gazed up to the skies.  There was my magic: skies filled with dreams and possibilities.  I watched as a jet crossed the sky, the once firm stream softening until it blended with and was indistinguishable from the clouds.

As I focused on the jet, I wondered – Where had it come from? To what exotic location were the passengers off to explore? I created stories of exploration and adventure and knew, with my whole heart and every ounce of my being, that one day, I, too, would be on a plane embarking on adventures to unknown lands.

That’s how it starts – with a dream.  All of life can be started with one small dream.  And it can grow into a life well-lived, on purpose and fulfilling.  When I started with that first dream as I watched the jet and fantasized about the adventure, I had no idea where it would ultimately take me, but I had a silent knowing that the journey would be extraordinary.