I have been creating a presentation for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Speaker Series: Igniting Your Personal Adventure.  On January 25th, I will present my topic: “Capturing the Elusive Balance.”  My last few years have led me through an odyssey of self discovery and purpose which was accomplished through the continued desire to master balance.  I realized through balance, all things are possible.  As I unlocked the answers to a variety of mysteries, I created this blog to share some of my discoveries and thoughts with all of you.  The title of my blog, “La Vida Trutina” means “the life of balance.” It seems fitting that I am now kicking off 2013 by sharing the discoveries that have served me very well.

My last blog post took a look at my goals for 2011 and compared them to what I accomplished in 2012.  It was a rewarding process to look at the last year and see all that I accomplished. I was also amazed that I was able to do so much in the year. It was truly a testament to me that I had figured out how to create La Vida Trutina.  My current goal is to put together a presentation to help others create balance in their lives to focus on accomplishing their goals so they can create a life of their dreams.

The next several blog posts will share with you some of the techniques that worked brilliantly for me as I created my La Vida Trutina and led the way to powerfully help me create the life of my dreams.  So please check back over the next week and see if any of the coming recommendations can help you create your La Vida Trutina and transform your life into one you’ve previously only dreamed of!Collage - How I live my life