What does a perfect day look like in your life? Describe it in detail – your most succulent, juicy life. What would you be doing? When would you do it? Where would you do it?  Much like a vision board and a mission statement, a description of your perfect day is a fun tool that helps you define your perfect life.  There is power in words and even more power in the declaration of what you want in your life.  The act of describing your ideal day helps your mind understand what’s important which in turn helps you start to better align your life towards the ideal, which provides the delightful side effect of creating more balance in your life.  There is conscious and unconscious movement towards your goals.

The power in understanding and declaring the life you want to live leads you to take action toward that life.  But you can’t create it if you don’t know what you’re creating.  So have some fun, find an inspirational location, enjoy your favorite music, use your favorite pen and paper, enjoy a delightful beverage such as a latte, jasmine green tea or glass of wine, and reflect on your pending ideal life. Once created, keep the description close at hand. Re-visit it regularly. Start to put an action plan in place to work towards this life.

I reviewed my journal and I regularly stated and updated my perfect day.  Here’s a sample from the first page of an entry I wrote on January 1, 2011 (double click on the photo to see it enlarged).

JJ Day in the Life

I kept it close to me over the years and read it over and over again and took steps toward it.  If you are a doubting Thomas and don’t think this exercise will help you design your life, check our my blog post of the recap of  my year in 2012 (click here) and see how my life in 2012 reflected the life I desired in 2011.  It also matches my vision board and vision scrapbook.  While this was a description of what I defined as my ideal life on January 1, 2011, it is now a description of how my life looks everyday.  There’s power in these tools.  Take them on and create the life of your dreams.  Please share your results – I’m cheering you on!