My Home GymHere it is – my highly effective gym.  This is all I need to keep myself incredibly fit and healthy and happy.  Physical fitness isn’t just about being in shape, feeling healthy or having a toned body.  Fitness is total wellness.  It’s what gives me my mental edge. It’s what gives me the will to do anything I have to do whenever I have to do it. It fuels not just my body, but my courage. It gives me the strength and stamina to live life full on, full speed ahead.  A key aspect of having the energy to fully live my life is it allows me to keep perspective and balance.

The most effective form of exercise is one that you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to continue it and keep it part of your routine. If you hate running, don’t run! There are so many exercise options these days, explore them and find one, or two or three, that you thoroughly enjoy and then passionately take them on.  And don’t stop exploring – keep looking for new things you enjoy to keep it fresh, invigorating and fun.  The newest exercise program I tried, and loved, – P90X. I’m finishing my 6th week in the program and love it and the results. I now get up in the morning and can’t wait to take it on!

Last year, I took on mountain trail races and I ran my first ½ marathon on mountain trails. In the rain.

Even in my exercise, I find inspiration. I wear a personal identifier on my shoe. In addition to my name, blood type and emergency phone contact, it contains the following mandate: Follow Your Dreams, Live Passionately.

inspirational shoe id

My Trail Running Companion

If you have dreams and goals and want to live a full life, a commitment to fitness is the recipe for success.  Fitness gives you the energy to vigorously pursue your goals. It helps you feel good and, let’s be honest, don’t we all want to feel good?  Exercise helps you keep a clear head to focus on what’s important.  And all of these benefits greatly contribute to creating balance in your life.

So why not commit to getting fit in 2013?  When you think of all the benefits that result from exercising, they really overpower any excuses to avoid it, don’t you think? Here’s to creating your best, balanced and fit self in 2013!