Creativity takes many forms and shows up using a variety of mediums.  I wanted to create small inspiration pieces that could be easily hung on my wall, my calendar or dangled from something close to my desk and given as gifts.  In a moment of wine-induced inspiration, I looked at all my wine carriers that have accumulated over the years and decided to put them to good use.  First, I cut them into manageable rectangles. Then, I applied Gesso to give them a good base for painting.  Next, I decided on inspiring words and phrases and printed them on parchment paper.  By that time, my Gesso had dried, so I pulled out my acrylic paints and had some fun painting the cardboard squares.  I impatiently waited as they dried before cutting them into smaller squares onto which I applied the inspiring word or phrase. As a finishing touch, I applied a top coat of a clear finish spray.  Once these were completely dry, I added a grommet and string for hanging. These delightful inspiring pieces have been fun to send to friends and let them know I’m thinking about them.  Here’s a fun sample:

Recycled Art Inspiration Cards Recylced Art Inspiration Cards Courageous Inspiration Recycled Art Cards Recycled Art Inspiration Cards





Recycled Art Inspiration Cards Recycled Art Inspiration CArds Recycled Art Inspiration Cards - Believe Recycled Art Wall Hanging






Rcycled Inspiration Art Line Recycled Art Inspiration Cards Inspirational Recycled Art Line Recyled Art - Love