Artist at the Chef's Market - Zaza Fetterly

Artist Zaza Fetterly

One of my favorite summer treats:  farmers markets.  Napa has several farmers markets and Thursday nights usher in the best of the best.  They block off some streets downtown and vendors entice you with their fresh, locally produced fruits, veggies, olive oils, sauces, and prepared food.  Chefs provide demonstrations and wine flows from multiple booths.  And artisans share their gifts.  As I wandered the streets sampling the delights of the evening while sharing this oasis with some out of town visitors, I was drawn to a delightful booth with colorful art in full bloom.  It was at this booth I made my best discovery of the evening – I met artist Zaza Fetterly.

Zaza’s art caught my eye as she uses one of my favorite color palettes in her art. I first loved the Tuscan colors that momentarily transported me to Italy, Tuscan hills, sun flowers, chianti, art and olive oil.  Then, she expertly wove bold primary colors into her pieces that both blended and popped.  I enjoyed the energy of the art.

She was having a quiet moment, so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and have a conversation.  I noticed a beautiful notebook and asked if it was her journal.  Enjoying my curiosity, she graciously shared her sketching notebook with me.  She practiced pencil sketches from the photographs in photographer Steve McCurry’s book, Portraits,  The photos are exquisite and capture people in their cultural element from all around the world. She practiced her art by recreating his photographs with pencil sketches in her sacred pad.  I was honored she shared her personal practice with me and she further delighted me by allowing me to take some photos.  I was completely inspired by her work. Since copying is one of the best forms of flattery, I bought Steve Mcurry’s book and I am now using it to practice my sketching skills.  The book is only 7.5 inches by 5 inches, so I can easily fit it in my purse with a box of pencils and my small sketch pad.  I literally just received the book in the mail today and I was never so excited to see an Amazon box at my front door!  Here’s to the start of a new practice and friendship!

Moral of the story – be open to all life experiences.  When moved to take action, don’t question, just act.

Practicing Sketch Pad

Pencil Sketch Practice Pad

Practice Pencil Sketch