I believe each of us has greatness in us. We’re each here to share our unique gifts and talents with the world. Sometimes, we have to figure out what those gifts and talents are. Other times, we have to summons the courage to dare to share of ourselves. To try on something new. To put ourselves out there while being outside of our comfort zone. We fear judgment, rejection, criticism. I think of it as our humanity getting in the way of our divinity.

As I continue to strive to find my creative voice, I find self discovery through boldness. By daring to put myself out there and sharing my creations, my thoughts and my processes, I often find answers revealed through the conversations that result from the act of sharing. I have also discovered that when I dare to share, face down the fear of criticism and rejection, that I am rarely met with the scary results I anticipated; rather, I am met with gratitude of my community for acts which inspire them to take action.

It certainly makes you wonder what you may be missing in life when you allow fear to stop you from taking action. What’s on the other side of that fear? If you dare to have the boldness to ask the question, to answer by taking the action, I believe you will receive a gift exponentially greater than the fear that tried to shackle you to mediocrity.

As I pondered the power of our divinity which is unleashed when we have the courage to act in spite of our fears, I looked at it from the feminine and artistic perspective. I decided to take this concept and play with my art on a larger scale than I had to date. I pulled out a new sheet of Strathmore Gemini Watercolor paper, 300 pound, cold pressed, measuring 22” x 30”. It was rugged and firm with a delightfully textured layered edge. In my perspective, this quality paper is a piece of art in itself. While I normally experience trepidation at the vast blankness of a new project, I couldn’t wait to play and see what would evolve. My fingers lightly caressed the rough surface of the paper. My mind melded with my soul. I started to create female faces using watercolors.

The women that showed up on my paper represent women from all walks of life with all of their unique experiences that color their life which are reflected in their face, their expressive eyes, their full lips, the set line of their lips, their hair. With watercolor as their base, they demanded pastels to supplement their texture and add personality. 

The Start of a New Project

While each of us is unique, we have a common thread of feminine divinity that weaves each of us together to form the fabric of this world.

A Face of the Divine Feminine

Another Face of the Divine Feminine

Our divine feminine is represented by a nude goddess, standing in her greatness in the center of the faces. Her form was revealed through pastel pencils and majestically outlined using bold, regal pastel colors.

This piece has a treasured home on my easel for my daily viewing pleasure. It reminds me that I am part of something bigger than myself. And that I am an important part of it. That it cannot be complete without me and that my greatest contribution is boldly sharing my unique gifts with the world. There is no fear. There is no playing small. There is individuality, but that does not mean being alone. There is only greatness.

These are the Faces of the Divine Feminine.

 Faces of the Divine Feminine