When I decided to create my blog, my first priority was to select a name that resonated both with me and the conversations I wanted to share.  So I did what I usually do when I have to make an important decision – I     put on my trail runners, hit the trails and allowed the rhythm of nature to guide my body, mind and spirit.

Nature is a place of power for me.  I feel the energy of Mother Earth. I cherish the animals that unhesitatingly share their mountain with me. I feel the dappled rays of sun forcing their way through the dense canopy of trees, determined to reach the stand of ferns hopefully stretching towards the glimmer of gold.  I let my mind go to play in the ether while I focus on my foot placement in the physical.  It’s a fascinating process that reveals itself in both excitement and peace, a contradiction of the body and spirit that melds in a powerful unity in which answers are birthed.

View from Napa Trails - Skyline Lake at Skyline IMG_3225 Running TrailsAs I ran along my winding trails leading me further up the mountain, past a lake and along a creek, my body felt the excitement of being alive while my mind was free to connect to a power greater than me.  A power that was a willing partner to play a game of mental Scrabble and uncover a name to aptly describe my blog and its purpose.  I listened as names were bantered about in my mind, starting with lightness and progressing to purpose and power.  Names swirled, my pace quickened, deer crossed my path, a large coyote greeted me and the crescendo reverberated to a final declaration: La Vida Trutina.  Translation: My life of balance.

A perfect name to describe the results of my odyssey that spanned the last several years.  My rational side kicked in its feedback:  Will people understand what it means? It’s hard to pronounce – can’t you find something that is easier for people to both understand and pronounce? How will people remember what they can’t spell or pronounce?  Intuition and instinct silenced the logical specter and off she went, plotting her next attack and declaring one day she will defeat the stalwart defenders, intuition and instinct.

Nature had once again succeeded.  I contemplated how important balance is to my life and why that name was most fitting.  Balance is my well-spring of power.  It is from balance that I fully experience life. I know who I am. I have no fear. I powerfully create and connect. I have clarity. I have an abundance of time to complete the various activities that fill my life. My days are filled with what is important – meditation, exercise, work, creativity, good nutrition, sleep, community and fulfillment.  In contrast, when I’m out of balance, I experience stress and anxiety. I have a shortage of time – never enough time. I find life to be hard and fear is a prevalent emotion I have to fight through to accomplish the same things that are natural when I’m in balance. Life is forced and clearly not fun.  Since I have a choice as to where and how I want to operate my life – I choose balance.

As I have endured my odyssey of personal growth over the last several years, where I visited the depths of hell and stood toe-to-toe with my demons to earn the right to rise as one with the Phoenix, I continually questioned myself to raise my awareness and prayed and meditated on how I can use my skills and talents to empower people to access their authentic power and pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.  To help them heal themselves from their own demons to access their greatness.  (We all have our demons, but that’s the topic of a separate blog post.)

Given my ability to access my power through balance, I initially thought my purpose was to teach people how to find balance in their lives so they could access their power. But that didn’t feel right.  It felt like a component of my purpose, but not the true essence of purpose.  I knew I was missing something.  With the thud of a velvet hammer after much questioning and meditation, I realized balance was the source of MY power, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to everyone else.

People access their power through a myriad of avenues.  My mission in life is to stay in balance, my source of power, so I can powerfully help others find their own source of power to develop the courage to boldly find and follow their calling – their authentic purpose where they can powerfully share their gifts and talents and leave their mark in the world. We all have a mark to leave. The question is whether we are willing to do the work, have the courage to boldly step into authenticity and purpose so we can leave that mark.  The goal is not simply to leave the mark for the sake of leaving the mark – the goal is to make the unique difference in this world that only you can make. There is something that only you can do and there are people out there in the world that need you – they are waiting for you to have the courage to share so they can receive what you have to offer. They don’t know it’s you, but they will connect with you when you step into your authentic purpose. Will you deny yourself that fulfillment? Will you deny those waiting for you?  I do hope the answer is a resounding “NO!”

Fast forward: I started the 2013 year by giving a presentation on “Capturing the Elusive Balance” for the Tempe Chamber’s Women in Business leadership series. I shared my beliefs of how important balance is to creating a fulfilling life of authenticity and purpose and provided personal examples.  In support of finding and maintaining balance, I provided some tools and resources. Over the course of the year, I was thrilled to receive emails, LinkedIn messages and Facebook posts from attendees sharing their amazing results from applying the various tools I had shared with them.  La Vida Trutina in action – the message delivered and the results are flowing.

Join me on this journey.  Let’s access our power. Let’s share our gifts with the world. Let’s stop playing small and making excuses.  Let’s fearlessly move forward into greatness.  As I tell my nephew before he starts a baseball game, let’s leave it all on the field.