Cheers from Joan JakelIt’s been a 2 ½ year adventure.   It’s amazing to me that so much time has passed and how quickly it has flown.  And how much life has filled those years. I thought it was time to share an update with you since you have played a role in my life over the years.  While this is a long message, I’d appreciate your time to read to the end.

While it’s hard for me to believe, I’ve now lived in Napa for 2 ½ years.  I wake up in gratitude every day that I get to live in paradise and savor a life that I intentionally, authentically and purposefully created.  While some things have remained the same, many more have changed dramatically – for the better.

First, I’m honored to continue to operate my law practice to serve the entrepreneurs I respect and admire as they bravely follow their dreams.  I’ve enjoyed this practice for 17 years and feel blessed to serve in this capacity.

Second, I’ve added “Artist” to my list of titles.  I’ve been creating art and learning how to create art for the last few years.  I’ve loved the experience and can’t imagine a day without art.  The desire that drives my creative process reflects the same drive to serve entrepreneurs: to empower and inspire.  As I considered how to share my art with the world, I wanted to associate with a quality gallery with a world-wide reach that was committed to serving entrepreneurial artists.  I selected Saatchi Online Gallery.  Saatchi provides me with the opportunity to sell my original works as well as reprints that are printed on quality artist paper or canvas, allowing the recipient to receive a quality reproduction that is comparable to the original. Today is the official unveiling of my creativity!  Click here to peruse my art.  Each piece has a description to give you some insight into my creative process. I hope you’ll enjoy the entire gallery of talented artists.  I’m donating 10% of each sale to help the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts.

Finally, I am very excited to announce I have completed the manuscript for my first book.  One of my bucket list items is to be a New York Times best-selling author.  As much as I want to be a successful author, my bigger goal is to help people work through their obstacles to create a fulfilling life.  The book is created from my personal experiences with the knowledge I’ve gained from overcoming obstacles together with my determination to create my best life.  I’ve decided to self publish with Balboa Press which is a division of Hay House, a publisher who has filled my library with books from authors I respect and have taught me to be the person I am today.  Stay tuned for more information.

If you haven’t checked it out, I have a Facebook Fan Page  that I use to share, empower and inspire. I am also starting a newsletter that I anticipate emailing once a week to provide additional empowerment and inspiration.  I’d love to share the conversation with you.   If you are interested in receiving my newsletter, please click here and subscribe.  I’m currently trying to increase my presence and conversation on Twitter and my Facebook Fan Page, so my request is if you would like to join the conversation, I’d love a follow and a “like.”

Thank you for sharing the journey with me.  I’ve enjoyed the ride and look forward to what’s around the corner. I’d love to hear what’s new with you, so please drop me a note or connect with me in the many ways I’m available and let me know how I can support you.

As we ready ourselves to enjoy the holidays and connect with family, friends and community, I am grateful for your presence in my life.

Carpe Diem!