Bold CertaintyAll of my art has a story and is inspired by an outside, or an inside, influence.  It may stem from a feeling that is consuming me and I work through it by using creativity.  It may be a sensation that demands exploration through my art.  It may be the rippling effect of watching people work through their challenges and I capture the emotion, or my sense of the emotion, by painting an abstract face.  Regardless of the genesis of the creativity that goes into each creation, I weave a thread of hope and empowerment through each piece.

I am an eternal optimist.  I believe life can be intentionally and powerfully created in each moment. We always have a choice.  Even if we don’t like the choices, we have the power to choose.  That choice is a gift.

In my collection of faces, I share the struggles that we all experience at some point over our lifetime.  The battles we wage as we grow into our authentic self and learn how to be our best self. There are days of clarity and there are days of ugliness and struggle.  I believe on the other side of each struggle is growth which is represented by beauty.

Bold Certainty is one of my favorite ladies.  She has chiseled features and exudes boldness from her red set lips to her colorfully coifed hair.  She feels strong and confident, but has moments of struggle as she continues her journey of “becoming.” You can feel her boldness daring her to greatness.   She was created with bliss using watercolor on cold pressed paper and a touch of soft pastels.  I’ve included her in my portfolio which is listed for sale at Saatchi Online Gallery.