Since my first watercolor class nearly 5 years ago, I have taken a variety of art classes learning to play in pastels, acrylics, mixed medium, collage, drawing, calligraphy and photography. My library is now filled with art books I peruse to learn, savor and generate ideas for creation. Not a single day goes by without some aspect of art delighting my day.

My goal as a passionate entrepreneur is to empower and inspire people to turn their dreams into reality. I want to help them find the courage, believe in themselves, and take bold action on their dreams – to live an authentic and fulfilled life. I have traditionally fulfilled my goal by playing the role of attorney and helping people set up their businesses. However, my soulful desire is to incorporate all of my skills – legal, business, art and writing – to empower people to authentically create the life of their dreams and to never, ever give up. My dream recently came true.

In September, I was approached by a client to set up a limited liability company to operate their business, review their commercial lease and, drum roll please, be their inaugural artist and create the art to fill the walls of their restaurant. It was the moment I’d been dreaming of and working towards for years. I wasn’t sure how it would all come together, but trusted that if I believed in my dreams and took daily action towards them, the universe would have a better plan than I could imagine, so I combined dreams with actions and faith.

This was the first time I created art specifically for a business location. This was not only a chance to share my art and my message, but it was my opportunity to create art to showcase my client’s restaurant and its energy. I was excited and ready to hit the canvas.

I created several smaller pieces as I waited to get photos of the inside of the restaurant so I could create specific pieces. On Sunday night, September 21st, I received the photos of the restaurant via email and was wide-eyed in near panic. The walls were enormous and seemed to go on forever! It was clear I’d have to create significantly more pieces and on a much larger scale. To date, I had not created large scale art. And the kicker – they wanted to open on Friday! Furthermore, I was located in Napa, CA and the restaurant is in Tempe, AZ. I would have to create the art and drive to AZ to install it in less than a week while still working my “day job” as a lawyer.

The first order of business, I had to figure out if I could actually pull it off. This was going to test me, my talents and my abilities, not to mention time management skills! The best source of answers to my questions is meditation. So I meditated on the question if I could create the art and do it on the expedited time frame. The answer was immediate and resounding: YES. OK, if I was going to create the art to fill this enormous space, my next question was directed to my soul in meditation: what do I want to share? Immediately, my mind exploded with ideas. It was extraordinary! I was excited and on a new impassioned mission.

On Monday, I wrapped up my legal work and rushed off to the art store to buy a car load of canvases. For the next week, I spent every spare moment painting and creating. I rotated between legal work and art work before finding my bed at 3 a.m. each day. Canvases covered my home and by 3 a.m. Saturday, I finished 22 pieces of art. The first leg of this adventure was complete. Here is a glimpse of my creative process, sharing some of the art pieces in progress:

The Artistic Process


Practice Courage In Process

New Canvas


Continuation of the Art Process

Art from the Wreckage

Glass and Molding


close up of construction

abstract color

medium swirls

swirl close up

construction on the easel

mixed medium on the easel

series of 3


Friends Welcome At The Table