Welcome to La Vida Trutina!

Doesn’t that beautifully roll from your tongue – La Vida Trutina.  While it sounds beautiful, what does it mean?  Trutina is Latin for “balance.”  I first discovered the name on a bottle of wine produced by Dunham Cellars in Washington.  I love the winery and the philosophies of the wine maker.  More about that later in this post.

Trutina – I was enthralled with the word.  I loved what it represents.  I loved that I found it on a wine label.  I loved the artistry on the wine label.  I was drawn to the entire experience.  Little did I know, I was on a journey to find what was an elusive Trutina in my life at that time.  My journey has led to this place and sharing my discoveries with you in this artistic, inspiring and passionate platform.

I’ve realized that I’ve spent four decades searching for acceptance.  Acceptance from my family, from my career, my peers, my community.  I was your classic overachiever with objectively a great measure of success, but it was never enough.  I couldn’t find the inner peace I was seeking as I was outwardly driven to accomplish the next goal – perhaps peace would arrive with the next accomplishment.  So after a second failed marriage that devastated me to my core, I went on a pilgrimage – a journey to a sacred place to discover who I was, my purpose in life; to find my true voice and platform to use it; and to create a richly fulfilling life.

My journey led me to places of great challenge, of ugly insights, of truth, of sadness, of joy, of release, of love, of compassion, of healing and ultimately to creativity.  It was a dedicated journey of self discovery that burned away the remnants of what and who I was to release the Phoenix of who I was meant to be.  It was a gift I got to unwrap every day as I explored, learned, grew and became.  The external search for achievement was replaced with a centered knowing that I had nothing to prove.  The liberation of knowing I only had to show up in life.  My only requirement was to follow the path of my heart and soul after releasing the external holds to discover the internal guidance to these sacred paths.  It has been an arduous and rewarding journey.  One that, if given the opportunity, I would not change.

I received many gifts during that journey.  And many, daily, unfolding awarenesses.   I am blessed to have amazing people in my life and I’ve shared my journey with them and we’ve learned and have grown together.  However, one of my realizations is that my story is not unique.  We struggle as a culture for acceptance.  We look outwardly for answers that can only be found within.   And we don’t know how to find them.  And we’re pushed by society to do more, faster and longer and we deny ourselves the precious gift to take that time for ourselves to connect with our self, our internal guides, our place of purpose.   My ultimate self expression is to share my journey with you in the hopes that you can learn, grow, be inspired, heal, love and find your purpose, your voice, your platform.

In the following pages, you will find stories, encouragement, art, resources, books, inspiration, beauty, passion, connection, compassion and a centering, safe place to guide you in your own self exploration.  Enjoy the journey, share your adventures and insights when you are moved to do so, and know that you are in good company with a community of adventurers. The banner artwork is my first piece of art and it is a reminder to me to continually believe in my dreams and create an inspired life. I hope you find similar inspiration.

I promised you at the beginning of this post that I would share with you why I loved Dunham Cellars and the winemaker, Eric Dunham.  I believe he’s a great representation of being on purpose and sharing his gifts with the world in his own way and he makes a positive impact on the world in the process.   I love that he followed his passion to create his winery.  One of his wines, “Shirley Mays” Chardonnay, is  dedicated to Eric’s grandmother.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this wine are donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to help fund the fight against breast cancer.  However, more telling is the story behind his wine label “Three Legged Red.”   Here’s the story from Dunham Cellars:

“This wine is tribute to Port, pet and companion of our winemaker Eric Dunham. The story goes something like this…”It was a sunny day in the summer of ’94 when I met Port. Outside I heard the distinct sound of an animal in distress. It took only moments to realize what was happening across the field from my house – a very small animal had fallen into harm’s way and was being attacked by a Pit Bull.

I ran to the scene, broke up the fight and found that the small animal was a puppy that was very badly injured. Instinctively, I wrapped him up and took him to the veterinarian. I agreed to pay for the emergency surgery and recovery. The puppy had lost a leg, but found a home. With only three legs, and two on the port side, I named him Port, and he is my best friend.”

Eric Dunham, winemaker

Fun info on the Pets of Dunham Cellars.

Here’s to discovering and embracing your highest purpose, finding your voice, your passion and your platform to share it with the world!  Enjoy this magnificent journey!